5 Reason to buy a cape

Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Cape

With the advent of more modern outdoor wear, things such as the timeless cape have disappeared. In most cases, they are left to costumes for Halloween, movies, and other modes of entertainment. In some cases, the cape has tried to make a return into modern fashion, but it has not been completely successful at doing so. Here are the top five reasons why you need to buy a cape for your wardrobe needs.

Heroic Vision

Many people think of heroes in various movies when they think of a cape. There is something that is empowering about wearing one for that very reason. It gives the mind a power boost and makes the person feel as if they possess some of the qualities of those heroes. At the same time, heroes have sown ways to wear capes that make them part of an outfit instead of being a standout piece. Therefore, plenty of ideas exist about how to incorporate these fashion statements into your wardrobe with ease.

Dress like a Pop Star

Some celebrities have been active in trying to reclaim the cape as a part of fashion. In the music video for her song “Bad Blood,” Taylor Swift wore a romper with a cape attached to it. Many people began to see the cape as a more viable option for their wardrobes in this way. The plus side to using a cape like this is that it does not cause the same type of overheating that longer capes, especially those that reach the floor, might cause. Scientists have said that floor-length capes maintain a body heat of 98.6 degrees, so they become warm and cumbersome rather quickly, whereas the romper version would be a little bit cooler to wear.

Keep Yourself Warm

One of the best reasons to buy a cape is the fact that they are warm. They are great for the winter time to make sure that your body maintains as much body heat as possible. They will protect you from the elements with ease.

Not Just About the Solid Colors

What many people do not realize is that to buy capes means having a variety of patterns and designs nowadays. They do not have to be the solid color that people are used to seeing in superhero and fairytale characters. For example, no one is stuck with a solid, red cape like Red Riding Hood. In recent trends found on the runway, patterns are a great way to wear capes. They can be bright, too, like the ones that pay homage back to colors of the 60s.

Various Lengths and Pockets

Modern capes can be cut to any length. They do not have to be floor-length models that are typically on princesses and warriors of fairytales. At the same time, more modern options come with plenty of pockets in them to keep any essential items on hand.


There are plenty of reasons why to buy capes. They are versatile tools for any wardrobe, and they need to return to their former glory. They are not just for fairytales and superheroes and longer.