7 Trending Earring Styles Worth Trying In 2018!

Fashion jewellery is all about fun and experimenting with new ideas. Thankfully, your experiments don’t have to cost a bomb. There are a number of websites that sell fashion jewellery at great discounts, so you can literally stock as much as you wish to spend. This post, however, is all about earrings. We will talk of the styles and designs that you will wear the most in 2018.


Okay, many girls are done with tassel earrings, but the trend is likely to continue in 2018. Tassels work for earrings because you can play around with colours, beads and stones in as many ways as you would like. What’s even more exciting is the price range, which can fit almost any budget. Tassel earrings look lovely with both ethnic and western outfits, and you can mix and match colours without being too conscious.

Simple studs

Not everyone is fond of big danglers, and that’s when studs come handy. Studs never really went out of fashion, but yes, the old school gemstone designs are gone. Now you have more colourful studs in block shades, which can be purchased to match your outfits. Studs are also great because you can wear them to work and to your Saturday party with the same ease.


Ear cuffs have been around for a while, but the trends have shifted more towards the dainty designs. Designers have come up with rhinestone-inspired designs, and there are many high-end options too, depending on the occasion. Ear cuffs are more ideal for women who prefer more unique and edgy designs. These are not as boring or repetitive as studs but are not over-the-top like danglers either.


All of a sudden, there’s this huge craze around Afghan and mirror design earrings. These are your big danglers that have the influence of the region, and the designs are stunning and extremely endearing to the least. In fact, if you check for fashion earrings online, it is very likely that you will find these on the list of bestsellers. What’s great about this trend is the range of colours you can buy, and you can always pair them with western outfits too.


Many believe that the days of pompoms are done, but if the fall 2016 and summer 2017 trends are to go by, the idea will still find takers. The best part is you can create your own designs, by mixing pompoms with tassels, Afghan elements and dainty beads. This is one of the casual styles that you must try in the coming year.

Check online for the best stores, and don’t forget to look for discounts. With the Christmas around, expect to get some great deals on fashion jewellery items.