Loose Gemstone Colour Chart

Loose gemstone costs are based on four factors – carat, colour, cut and clearness. GIA includes a colour scale that grades loose diamonds in alphabets from D to Z with respect to the concentration of colour. When you purchase loose diamonds online stores, pick the colours that does not only complement your jewellery design, but additionally squeeze into your financial allowance too.

Loose Gemstone Colour Chart

Gemstone prices rely on four key elements – carat, colour, cut and clearness. When you’re buying diamonds online, you need to know these 4 elements to be able to get the most bang for your buck. Carat refers back to the weight of the gemstone stone, while cut describes the technical information on the stone the amount of facets and planes around the gemstone. Throughout the gemstone formation process, many inclusions maybe created within the stone, which modify the clearness from the stone. Loose diamonds are available in an array of colours and shades for example black, pink, yellow, and much more. A white-colored or colourless gemstone is priced greater than the usual stone which has a tinge of yellow inside it. So, while selecting a gemstone stone, choose a colour that does not only suits your requirement, but additionally stays affordable. To make a sensible choice, you need to first know how diamonds are graded according to their colours.

GIA includes a gemstone colour scale which is used almost globally to grade the color of those precious gemstones. Let us have a quick see this colour grading scale.


When you purchase diamonds in India, choose D, E and F-graded diamonds if you would like completely colourless or white-colored diamonds. The variations between these grades are extremely minute and could be identified only with a trained expert. So, if you wish to buy colourless diamonds, it can save you a great deal on gemstone prices by selecting an F graded gemstone stone rather of the D grade. These gemstones look wonderful when focused on platinum and white-colored gold, because these metals boost the colourless aftereffect of the stone.

Near Colourless

These diamonds are graded as G, H, I and J, and have faint traces of colour. The cost of near colourless diamonds is significantly under colourless ones. Have these loose diamonds focused on gold metal and you may hardly discover the web site colourless and near colourless gemstone.

Faint Colour

Having a tint of yellow that may be recognized by an untrained eye, faint-coloured gemstone gemstones have a cost tag that’s up to 50 % of the G-graded gemstone. Grades that identify these diamonds are K, L and M.

Very Light Colour

Recognized by grades from N to R, these loose diamonds possess a yellow or brown tint that’s clearly visible. These diamonds are comparatively affordable, and tend to be not utilized in jewellery designs.

Light Colour

Graded from S to Z, these gemstones must much colour and usually aren’t preferred for jewellery making. They’re of poor and occasional wholesomeness gemstones.